Case Studies
Catheter Fuser
Guide catheter fusing/reflow machine with an 8-station moving oven and programmable catheter length.
ERG 6 channel CED Infusion Computer
Infusion pump controller and pressure monitor for up to 6 simultaneous independent infusion therapies. Programmable infusion profile protocols. The pressure trace provides real-time therapy performance feedback and diagnostic to the surgeon
General Electric - Instrument Transformer Potting Vacuum Systems
Automation of an existing 30,000Volt Transformer Potting process and equipment.
Vacuum, proximity, position and other sensors along with hydraulic actuators, RFID transceivers and a PLC were integrated to automate the process which ran unmanned once product molds were staged on the input conveyor. The potted transformers were stacked on an output conveyor emptied once per 8-hour shift.
  ERG delivers time and time and again. ERG is our go-to team for our toughest projects.   Kinetics Foundation, CEO
Electrostatic Sprayer
High voltage reciprocating stream spray onto a rotating grounded target. 
Brain Drug Infusion Convection Enhanced Delivery Study
MRI guided drug infusion 
FEP Tubing Expander (Heat Shrink)
Inline expansion of FEP tubing to produce medical heat shrink tubing
Hydrophilic Coating (Balloon Catheter)
Catheter coating proximal to the balloon. UV cured hydrophilic coating
Balloon Catheter Assembly and Welding
Angioplasty balloon and catheter assembly, alignment, inspection and welding station. This single fixture replaced three separate workstations.


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