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Engineering Resources Group, Inc was founded in 2003 by Chris Ross to serve manufacturing Industries by providing Engineering solutions to production and process issues. ERG is a pool of talented people covering the product development and production fields.  We at ERG understand the needs of regulated industries such as Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals. We work with your personnel in design, manufacturing, and maintenance to produce equipment solutions that your operations personnel can use and maintain.



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We strive to understand and address the needs of our clients at the implementation level to develop the most effective and appropriate solutions



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Syntheon LLCGraham Engineering - American Khune The SolidExperts University of Wisconsin medical physics Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research FIU Biomedical Engineering Therataxis  Quality Molds Corp Concept to commercialization Braas - SMC - UnitronicsProduct Development Adams Air and Hydraulics AWC

Rexel electrical and automation supplies Urinary Incontinence at Engineering Resources Group

FIU Online MBA 



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Device Calibration, Instrumentation

Custom Manufacturing Equipment, Tim Lostetter

Urinary incontinence at Engineering Resources Group

Product development and engineering. Insulin infusion pump

Shrink Tube Reflow / Fuser

Convection Enhanced Delivery, Brain Infusion, Wally Block

Parkinson's Research, Gene Therapy, CED, Ken Kubota

Brain Infusion, Parkinson's Disease, Eva Fekete

Product Development, Custom Devices, Prof. Jose Almiral

Brain Infusion, Brain Surgery, Marina Emborg, Primate Center

Automated Comet Assay, Marcus Cooke

Product Development, Frank Avellanet

Brain infusion, CED, Prof. Peter Hardy