Robotic Solutions


We develop bespoke robotic solutions where apropriate for client projects utilizing:

Cartisian or radial robotic systems motor or pneumatic driven.

SCARA robotic system for labeling and packing applications

6 axis robotic systems for multiple manufacturing processes with interchangable end of arm tooling.



The ERG Advantage


At ERG we partner with our clients to understand goals and constraints so that we can create the best possible solution. We are agnostic toward comonment brand. We will develop a solution using components that meet the standards of your facility wheather it be Allen Bradley, Siemens, Omron, Unitronics or your brand of choice. We deliver systems that can be maintained by your trained personnel.


Robotic Options


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Robotic Arm


Multi arm robotic system to move product through multiple process operations.



SCARA robitic system for moving assembly operations


Cartesian/Gantry Robots


Gantry robotic system for drilling and cutting operations. 6-axis with multi function EOA tooling




Custom End Effectors


End of Arm tooling: From simple vacuum suction cups to custom grippers and articulating component fixtures.